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Strange places to hunt Pokémon

I AM SURE THAT YOU WILL HAVE HEARD OF THE RECENT LAUNCH OF THE GAME POKÉMON GO, WHICH IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FACT THAT MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE HUNTING THESE “CREATURES”. YOU WOULD BE SURPRISED WHERE THEY HIDE. Since it was presented to the public at the beginning of the summer in 2016, Pokémon GO has not stopped breaking records. In just three months, the game has been downloaded and installed free of charge on more than 100 million mobile phones throughout the world. Its repercussion has been so great that they are already starting to use it in...

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How do I know if I can tolerate gluten?

GET TO KNOW THE SYMPTOMS THAT YOU SHOULD DISCUSS WITH YOUR DOCTOR TO DETECT IF YOU SUFFER FROM NON-CELIAC GLUTEN SENSITIVITY. I am sure that you have heard people talk about the disorder celiac and gluten intolerance (which doctors define as non-celiac gluten sensitivity). In both cases, the result is a disruption of the small intestine caused by a complex immune response by our body to gluten. Gluten is a protein that carries out reserve functions in wheat and other cereals such as rye, barley and oats, which are widely used in the preparation of many daily foods. For...

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The curious case of a 68-year-old woman with a 100-year-old kidney

THIS BRITISH WOMAN LIVES WITH A KIDNEY THAT WAS DONATED TO HER BY HER 100-YEAR-OLD MOTHER WHILST SHE WAS STILL ALIVE, TO TREAT THE RENAL INSUFFICIENCY THAT SHE WAS DIAGNOSED WITH WHEN SHE WAS 25. The case of Sue Westhead was headline news in the British press this summer. This 68-year-old woman who lives in the north of England was 25 when they diagnosed her with renal insufficiency in 1973. When they told her that the only way she would survive was through a kidney transplant, her mother Ann Metcalfe, who then was 57 years of age, did not...

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Not suitable for people with vertigo!

IF YOU ARE AFRAID OF HEIGHTS, YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO LOOK AT THESE IMAGES, OR MAYBE YOU SHOULD, AS IT WILL ACT AS SHOCK THERAPY. Named acrophobia by psychologists, the extreme fear of heights is one of the most common phobias, and can include symptoms such as panic attacks, nausea or sickness. It is different from vertigo, which is the sensation that the things around us are moving or changing shapes, also causing sickness, nausea, disorientation and even fainting. An acrophobic person cannot experience vertigo, what they feel is a sensation of panic when exposed to heights, developing an instinctive response...

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Another delicious way to eat (and prepare) fruit

DRIED FRUIT CAN BE A TASTY APERITIF, A HEALTHY SNACK OR A SPECIAL TOUCH TO ADD TO YOUR DISHES. YOU CAN ALSO PREPARE THEM EASILY AT HOME. The use of dehydrated or dried fruit goes back thousands of years, probably because they can be preserved in perfect condition for much longer than fresh fruit. The traditional method to obtain dried fruit comes from a natural drying process under the sun. This is how the famous Malaga raisins are produced for example, drying the fresh grapes from the Moscatel de Málaga and Moscatel de Alejandría varieties. The bunches are placed...

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