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My 61-year-old mother gave birth to my son

A FEW YEARS AGO, ONE OF THE MOST CURIOUS CASES OF SURROGACY IN THE WORLD HIT THE HEADLINES: A 61-YEAR-OLD GRANDMOTHER GAVE BIRTH TO HER OWN GRANDSON.   You tend to say that for your son or daughter you would be capable of doing almost anything. This is precisely what Kristine Casey thought when her daughter was having problems falling pregnant having experienced the pain of various miscarriages. When the couple suggested surrogacy, the woman’s mother offered to be the surrogate at 61 years of age. The doctors implanted her daughter’s egg that had been previously inseminated with her...

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At what age can someone be considered as being old?

FROM THE BIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE, WE START TO AGE JUST AFTER BIRTH. AGEING IS A CONTINUOUS PROCESS, AND IS NECESSARY TO ALLOW US TO DEVELOP AND BECOME FULLY GROWN ADULTS AND, THESE DAYS, ENJOY A LONG LIFE FULL OF EXPERIENCES However, many of the beliefs of today’s society about seniors is based on obsolete principles and ideas that are mistaken. We have created “silver value” to define an active ageing philosophy, aimed at taking advantage of all the positive aspects of a new life after 50, and to continue enjoying experiences that allow us to carry on being enriched as...

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Dancing is fun, you get to know new people and it’s even healthy

DANCING IS A VERY EFFECTIVE WAY OF ADDING AEROBIC EXERCISE TO YOUR WEEKLY ROUTINE, HOWEVER ITS BENEFITS GO BEYOND THIS. All the specialists confirm the importance of doing exercise to age in a more active and healthier way. Dancing can be a very effective way of including aerobic exercise into your weekly routine, and it is proven that dancing regularly improves your physical condition. It also helps to burn calories, works your muscles and the heart, increases energy levels, reduces the risks of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes, and is therefore an appropriate exercise for any age...

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5 mental benefits of doing exercise

MORE AND MORE PEOPLE ARE DOING EXERCISE TO IMPROVE CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH, DEVELOP MUSCLE, AND OF COURSE, HAVE A SPECTACULAR BODY! HOWEVER, TRAINING ON A REGULAR BASIS ALSO PROVIDES BENEFITS FOR OUR BRAIN. In the last 15-20 years, science has proven the beneficial effects of physical activity on different brain functions. These effects can be noticed quite quickly and they occur independently of age or the level of fitness of the people that incorporate physical activity in their lifestyles. Get motivated and keep your body active and you will see how exercise can improve your mental health, the way you...

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Malaga, a key point of reference for the Mediterranean diet

THE CAPITAL OF THE COSTA DEL SOL INCLUDES BOTH TRADITION AND CUTTING EDGE ELEMENTS IN BENEFIT OF THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET THROUGH ITS LARGE VARIETY OF RESTAURANTS, RANGING FROM TAPAS AND TRADITIONAL DISHES TO GOURMET CUISINE BY CHEFS WITH MICHELIN STARS. Over the last few years, the city of Malaga has become a point of reference for its large variety of cultural offerings. Furthermore, it has without a doubt become a point of reference as a city where you can enjoy the food culture. And we wouldn’t have it any other way – not only regarding having fun, which it...

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