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My 61-year-old mother gave birth to my son

A FEW YEARS AGO, ONE OF THE MOST CURIOUS CASES OF SURROGACY IN THE WORLD HIT THE HEADLINES: A 61-YEAR-OLD GRANDMOTHER GAVE BIRTH TO HER OWN GRANDSON.   You tend to say that for your son or daughter you would be capable of doing almost anything. This is precisely what Kristine Casey thought when her daughter was having problems falling pregnant having experienced the pain of various miscarriages. When the couple suggested surrogacy, the woman’s mother offered to be the surrogate at 61 years of age. The doctors implanted her daughter’s egg that had been previously inseminated with her...

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Strange places to hunt Pokémon

I AM SURE THAT YOU WILL HAVE HEARD OF THE RECENT LAUNCH OF THE GAME POKÉMON GO, WHICH IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FACT THAT MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE HUNTING THESE “CREATURES”. YOU WOULD BE SURPRISED WHERE THEY HIDE. Since it was presented to the public at the beginning of the summer in 2016, Pokémon GO has not stopped breaking records. In just three months, the game has been downloaded and installed free of charge on more than 100 million mobile phones throughout the world. Its repercussion has been so great that they are already starting to use it in...

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At what age can someone be considered as being old?

FROM THE BIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE, WE START TO AGE JUST AFTER BIRTH. AGEING IS A CONTINUOUS PROCESS, AND IS NECESSARY TO ALLOW US TO DEVELOP AND BECOME FULLY GROWN ADULTS AND, THESE DAYS, ENJOY A LONG LIFE FULL OF EXPERIENCES However, many of the beliefs of today’s society about seniors is based on obsolete principles and ideas that are mistaken. We have created “silver value” to define an active ageing philosophy, aimed at taking advantage of all the positive aspects of a new life after 50, and to continue enjoying experiences that allow us to carry on being enriched as...

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Five reasons to be connected

IN THE WORLD TODAY, THE INTERNET HAS BECOME A NEW SPACE FOR ALL OF THE SPHERES OF DAILY LIFE. BEING CONNECTED LETS YOU EXPLORE NEW WAYS OF BEING INFORMED, OF LEARNING, SHOPPING OR PAYING BILLS, DIFFERENT FORMS OF ENTERTAINMENT AND MANY MORE THINGS. Young people today at 26 years of age are considered to be the first generation of digital natives. They have been born into and grown up in a world that has been transformed by the entrance of new information and communication technologies. They are therefore “natives” in the language of computers, videogames and the internet and...

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The 4 pillars of brain fitness: get your brain in shape!

ONLY A FEW YEARS AGO, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN DIFFICULT TO ASSOCIATE THE WORD “BRAIN” WITH FITNESS OR TRAINING. HOWEVER, THESE DAYS THERE ARE EVEN VIDEO GAMES IN THE MARKET THAT SPECIFICALLY COMBINE THESE TWO WORDS TO PROMOTE THE BENEFITS OF PLAYING THEM. The evolution of neuroscience in the last decade has generated an important body of knowledge about how our brain works. All the news, products and services related to “brain fitness” or “brain training” reflect a growing interest about the possible natural remedies that help us to maintain and strengthen our brain activity whilst ageing without depending...

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