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Five reasons to be connected

IN THE WORLD TODAY, THE INTERNET HAS BECOME A NEW SPACE FOR ALL OF THE SPHERES OF DAILY LIFE. BEING CONNECTED LETS YOU EXPLORE NEW WAYS OF BEING INFORMED, OF LEARNING, SHOPPING OR PAYING BILLS, DIFFERENT FORMS OF ENTERTAINMENT AND MANY MORE THINGS. Young people today at 26 years of age are considered to be the first generation of digital natives. They have been born into and grown up in a world that has been transformed by the entrance of new information and communication technologies. They are therefore “natives” in the language of computers, videogames and the internet and...

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The 4 pillars of brain fitness: get your brain in shape!

ONLY A FEW YEARS AGO, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN DIFFICULT TO ASSOCIATE THE WORD “BRAIN” WITH FITNESS OR TRAINING. HOWEVER, THESE DAYS THERE ARE EVEN VIDEO GAMES IN THE MARKET THAT SPECIFICALLY COMBINE THESE TWO WORDS TO PROMOTE THE BENEFITS OF PLAYING THEM. The evolution of neuroscience in the last decade has generated an important body of knowledge about how our brain works. All the news, products and services related to “brain fitness” or “brain training” reflect a growing interest about the possible natural remedies that help us to maintain and strengthen our brain activity whilst ageing without depending...

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What animal lives for the longest amount of time?

NORMALLY, WE TEND TO THINK ABOUT THE AGE OF ANIMALS FROM OUR OWN PERSPECTIVE OF HUMAN LONGEVITY. HOWEVER, SOME ANIMALS CAN LIVE FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS. The Guinness World Records recorded the oldest person ever was a French woman who lived for 122 years and 164 days. Practically a little girl in the eyes of Ming and her more than 500 years of age, who also has her own Guinness World Record. Ming is the name that the researchers gave a type of clam from Iceland (Arctica islandica) for having been born during the reign of the Ming dynasty...

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Wines with Designation of Origin Malaga

MALAGA IS A LAND OF WINES. THE MORE THAN 3,000-YEAR-OLD HISTORY OF THE CITY HAS ALWAYS BEEN LINKED TO UNIQUE VINEYARDS AND WINES WITH AN INTERNATIONAL REPUTATION. The next time that you walk pass the area surrounding the Malaga Cathedral, remember that in this location, over three thousand years ago, there was an important human settlement where the founders of Malaka built the first sanctuary know to the city. With the arrival of the Phoenicians in the VIII Century of our era, also came the first references related to wine. These references included the wines that the active traders...

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4 habits that the happiest people in the world have in common

According to the World Health Report 2016, the 3 countries that lead the ranking are Denmark, Switzerland and Iceland. ¿What’s the secret to the happiness that exists in these countries? What do they have in common? What can we learn from the Danish, Swiss or Icelandic to improve our own happiness? The reality is that there is no magic solution. It’s more about a mental attitude, the activities that we carry out daily and how we approach them through the habits that are developed to define a lifestyle that leads to happiness. We would like to highlight four of...

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