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Beauty of Málaga

WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW WHY MORE AND MORE PEOPLE THINK THAT MALAGA IS THE IDEAL PLACE TO LIVE?   Sorry, but you won’t find the answer here. This is because it is impossible to explain, and the only way to find out why, is to come here and see for yourself. Experience Malaga for yourself! don’t wait for them to tell you about it. However, in order to give you an idea, have a look at this video that was created by Jesús González and José Miguel Martir, two artists from Malaga. They have used the time-lapse technique...

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Some advantages of drinking red wine

IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN SAID THAT A MODERATE CONSUMPTION OF WINE IS BENEFICIAL FOR YOUR HEALTH. DISCOVER SOME OF THE EFFECTS OF RED WINE THAT WILL SURPRISE YOU. Wine, together with beer, are drinks that are intimately associated to the history of humanity and have marked tradition and culture in different ways all over the world. For centuries wine has been said to possess magical or curative properties. However, it has only been during recent decades when it has been possible to scientifically prove the beneficial effects of a moderate consumption on our bodies. Wines exclusively comes from the...

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The power of flowers

WE ASSOCIATE FLOWERS WITH HAPPY MOMENTS, AND THEY TAKE US TO A NATURAL WORLD FULL OF COLOUR, SMELLS, FORMS AND TEXTURES THAT PROVOKE A PROFOUND EFFECT ON OUR EMOTIONS. As a matter of instinct, we understand that flowers improve our state of mind, but their effects on older people are particularly deep, surprising and almost magical. This isn’t intuition, there is evidence as can be seen in the scientific study “Flowers and Seniors” which analyses the effects of giving flowers to a sample of more than 100 participants with different racial profiles, between 55 and 93 years of age,...

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Fats for beauty

FATS ALSO FORM PART OF A HEALTHY AND BALANCED DIET. SOME EVEN MAKE YOU MORE BEAUTIFUL! The word fat is a taboo. Above all for women. It is pronounced with fear and is immediately associated with excess weight, fast food, fried food or those small pleasures that make you feel guilty. Fat is a generic term used for different types of lipids, which are nutrients that, in measured doses, should form part of a balanced diet. Our body uses fat as a reserve energy, which is activated after 20 minutes of exercise. Lipids carry out important functions in the...

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Physical exercise in the open air. The benefits

IT IS TRUE THAT TRAINING AT THE GYM HAS ITS OWN EVIDENT AND UNDOUBTABLE BENEFITS (SUCH AS THE FACT THAT THE WEATHER IS NOT A DETERMINING FACTOR IN YOUR TRAINING ROUTINE). HOWEVER, RECENT STUDIES SUGGEST THAT THERE ARE EXTRA BENEFITS IF YOU TRAIN IN THE OPEN AIR. To start with, when you go for a run on the streets, you do it differently to when you go for a run on the running machine. In the open air, you have to overcome the wind resistance, avoid obstacles, make large strides to jump over puddles, go downhill or – if...

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